On the reg

Someone needs to call the election because we are exhausterated

April 08, 2022 Season 3 Episode 35
On the reg
Someone needs to call the election because we are exhausterated
Show Notes

We've been busy, but you know - in a good way. Inger and Jason are both exhausterated - both exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.

Sort of like how you feel after a good workout.

Jason has started his new job at Latrobe, where he has an office above the pub and #awesometeam. Meanwhile Inger has a huge face to face teaching thing after 2 years of teaching via a screen, and is swinging into full election campaign mode with the Greens.

While election campaign season is on, we are making some short episodes of On The Reg, squeezing recording in between Inger's weekend door knocking schedule. Will Scott Morrison just call the election already?? Maybe by the time you listened to this one, we will know what day our democracy sausages will be on the BBQ!

It's a short one,  for us, but we still had time to talk about some books and stuff, so enjoy.

Stuff we mentioned:
Laziness does not exist by Devon Price
4000 weeks by Oliver Burkeman

Find out how to Volunteer for the Greens! 

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