On the reg

Hunky fire fighters and and existential crisis over bacon and eggs

April 30, 2022 Season 3 Episode 36
On the reg
Hunky fire fighters and and existential crisis over bacon and eggs
Show Notes

Warning - there's a LOT of swearing in this one, so if there are sensitive little ears present, maybe save it till later...

We recorded this on the 10th of April as Scott Morrison called the election. It's another short one as Inger was already deep in campaigning for the Greens, We did manage to cover a lot of ground though (actually, it's not that short because we can't shut up once we get going).

Jason is still enjoying #newjob where he is temporarily #bigboss. He's thinking about how to keep his people safe by planning a fire drill... which gives Inger the chance to tell him about the time she ignored the fire alarms because a teacher told her too and had to be evacuated from an RMIT building by hunky fire fighters.

Jason then shares the existential crisis he had at breakfast time from reading Oliver Burkemans '4000 weeks' but the good news is he has worked out why he keeps losing the damn book around the house.

Inger has a big old rant about the stupid new rule the Australian government has brought in about international students and look - she swears. Like a lot. You can read the article she wrote later that afternoon 'is this now the federal government's most bone headed idea ever'. Inger did find some research to share about podcast listeners though, which shows you are very agreeable types, so hopefully you'll forgive the swearing...

Finally, Jason has a new Chipolo 'spot card' for tracking his bullet journal in case he loses it and Inger shares her new found love for MicroSoft Teams. Yes. Really.

It was fun! Stay tuned for an 'unplugged' episode which will drop in a week or so. This campaign campaign is so hectic we don't even have time to write show notes right now, but regular programming will return soon we promise xx

Oliver Burkemans '4000 weeks'
Podcast listeners likely to be more agreeable and less neurotic
Chipolo spot card

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