On the reg

Revisiting the bullet journal and seven varieties of stupidity

May 29, 2022 Season 3 Episode 37
On the reg
Revisiting the bullet journal and seven varieties of stupidity
Show Notes

Inger and Jason are back to their usual format now the election is done.

This is the first weekend in 18 months that Inger doesn't have any political activism planned for the weekend - and she is happy about the election result because a well hung parliament is a good parliament in her book (totally worth a 6 vodka hang over). Meanwhile, Jason has been super busy with being #bigboss but he does have an awesome executive assistant who is now in charge of his diary (which is weird, but in a good way). 

In the work problems segment, the duo revisit their bullet journal practice, 18 months in, to see what's changed.

(If you don't use a bullet journal or #bujo, it's a good idea to watch this  4 minute video before you listen otherwise the whole segment probably won't make sense. )

Will Inger give up Omni? What actual page number is Jason up to now? What happens when you lose your #bujo on the train and a kindly soul returns it to you? (Well, this last one won't happen to Jason because he's sorted that out with an RFID card). You'll have to listen to the episode to find out! (Or skip if if it seems like incomprehensible gibberish, we honestly don't mind). 

Jason's commute and Brazilian Ju Jitsu practice has made it difficult to read, while Inger has been reading, but a  LOT of trash. She does share an article on the seven varieties of stupidity by Ian Leslie, which the duo agree explains a lot of their life inside universities.

Finally, in the two minute tip section, Jason is experimenting with 'Hook', a new kind of linking software on the map and Inger is using travel time to put more buffers in her day.

In other words, a pretty typical episode of On The Reg, but a long one because, well - it's been awhile and we've missed our nerd chats. Queue up a long drive, some gardening, housework or be like Siobhan and get out the knitting :-)

4 minute video about how to do a #bujo
seven varieties of stupidity
If you're interested in the timing app, you can find out more here.
If you're interested in Omni focus, have a look at this video
Inger's toying with moving to Todoist to manage tasks
Jason is playing with Hook, here's their manifesto

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