On the reg

IS this book bullshit? Habit Three of the seven habits of highly effective people

June 26, 2022 Season 3 Episode 38
On the reg
IS this book bullshit? Habit Three of the seven habits of highly effective people
Show Notes

Jason and Inger are behind on their podcasting schedule because Inger had Not-Covid/ Not-flu and too sick to record last Sunday. Meanwhile Jason has injured himself at Brazilian Ju Jitsu - again.

Jason texts a picture of his inner thigh to Inger, live on air, to show her the damage. She is shocked (not at the body part itself, because she lives with a pair of 50 year old male inner thighs) because she didn't know bruises could actually be that big.

In our listener feedback section, Martin Emo speak pipe's in some Good Advice on making our sound better. Inger tried to action with a 'there I fixed it' style home brew 'confuse and diffuse' set up .... with egg cartons, and a towel.  Further work needs to be done, but she's quite happy with how it turned out. Matthew sent us in a good #bujo numbering system by email, so the pair are really benefitting from all the free consulting offered by their audience!

In our work problems segment, we give Chapter three of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People the full 'is this book bullshit?' treatment. As usual, Inger is exasperated with Covey and suggests the book should come with a content warning 'essence of patriarchy', but Jason does a good job of convincing her that a certain amount of preachy-ness is part of the self help genre. Both agree that they could have less Mormonism but that Chapter three is full of excellent productivity tips.

In our reading section Inger drops the knowledge on a couple of books for distressed thesis writers and finally tells Jason what romance novels she is reading. Inger argues they are 'the instruction manual for women' and Jason reluctantly agrees to try reading one. Jason has been reading about academic integrity, which is a good thing because Inger just wants to benefit from this knowledge and not have to actually do this kind of reading herself.

Inger has a two minute tip - and it's quite a good one. Jason has been doing 50+ hour work weeks, so he gets a pass this time!

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Links to things mentioned in the show

Seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey

Story machine - An AI writing generator

Canada’s Worst Drivers on Youtube

Romance novels by Kylie Scott (Inger recommends you start with the Stage Dive series)

Cheating Academic Integrity by David Rettinger and Tricia Gallant

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