On the reg

How Atomic Habits can make your writing life easier

July 11, 2022
On the reg
How Atomic Habits can make your writing life easier
Show Notes

Jason has Novid now, but he dragged himself to the mic. Inger’s been sick again and, honestly - the first 20 minutes or so of this podcast is just ‘old people complaining about their health’ (but we know some of you really like that stuff, so we left it in). Katherine Firth rings in (18m:17s) to give Jason another romance novel recommendation for the upcoming On the Reg competitive reading cage death match.

In our work problems segment (25m:43s) the team leverage the advice offered by James Clear in his book ‘Atomic habits’ and apply it to helping you write more productively. They are using a teaching slide deck which Inger made, so if you want to read along with the segment you can access the slide deck here

Jason has been reading up for a forthcoming episode on stakeholder engagement (1h:22m). Meanwhile, despite being sick Inger has been reading ALL the books, but really quickly: just so she can add them to the bibliography in her book. Finally, in two minute tips (1hr:32m) Jason suggests a new app which Inger thinks sounds very handy. Inger’s tip involves compares skim reading to smoking Weed... Not that the team have ever done that. Ever.

Finally, the sound on this one is GREAT - Inger finally implemented all the tips suggested by Martin Emo last time and is amazed by what a towel on a desk can do! Thanks Martin! Thanks to Riverside.fm for supporting the show. We recommend it for all your podcasting and remote recording needs: enter ONTHEREG for a 15% discount or use this link.

Links to stuff we mentioned in the Pod

Books we discussed in our work segment:

Atomic Habits: the easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones by James Clear

Link to the slide deck that we used to structure this discussion, where Inger has notes on how to apply the lessons in Atomic habits to your writing.

Writing without teachers Peter Elbow

Writing your dissertation in 15 m

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