On the reg

The Thieves of Time?

August 21, 2022 Season 3 Episode 41
On the reg
The Thieves of Time?
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Inger and Jason are both complaining about their health again. Jason has 'mild degeneration' of his shoulder joint and Inger has 'mild degeneration' of her eye lens. The duo agree that it means they are falling apart, but as Jason says ' slowly'.

 After the whinging about health, and a few things about the Jeep/Tesla/Tinny there 's a bit about academic administration before a Speakpipe from Dasha from Finland (27:10) and another email from Heather Brown and finally, the point of the podcast: our work problems segment (34:49).

This week we're talking about Making work Visible: exposing time theft to optimise work and flow by Dominica DeGrandis. This is an amazingly useful book and to help convince you, Inger produced a reading guide, which you can access on Google Slides as you listen. During the discussion, Inger shares the PERT formula, which is below:

Most Likely Estimate (Tm)
Optimistic Estimate (To)
Pessimistic Estimate (Tp)

PERT Estimate = (To + 4Tm + Tp) / 6
Standard Deviation = (Tp – To) / 6

Give it a try - Inger and Jason both think it's amazing.

Since the team are on the clock with Jason going off to a Jeep show, they zoom through the reading segment (1:36:56), but promise to come back to talk in more detail about Navy SEAL romance novels next time (much to Jason's disgust). There's only time for a quick discussion of slime robots at 1:38:31.

Two minute tips (1:42:40) are strangely in synch this time, and there's merch you can buy! Link to said merch and all the things we mentioned in the show should be in the links, below:

Stuff we mentioned:
Making work Visible: exposing time theft to optimise work and flow by Dominica DeGrandis.
+ reading guide to the book, which you can access on Google Slides
Omni show episode with us
Omni show ep with Kaitlin Salke about automating time calculations
Inger's neglected project: The Whisper Collective
Magnetic slime robots
Why we did it: the Republican road to hell by Tim Miller
Work won't love you back: how devotion to our jobs keeps us exploited, exhausted and alone. by Sarah

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