On the reg

The 80/20 principle: is this book bullshit?

September 11, 2022 Season 3 Episode 42
On the reg
The 80/20 principle: is this book bullshit?
Show Notes

Inger and Jason have been busy, you know - the usual. Inger has been deep in three minute thesis land (ie: the annual ANU 'high school musical') and Jason paid $250 to learn he doesn't have to have surgery (yay!).

There's only a little bit of 'old people complaining about their health' in the first bit before they listen to a speak pipe from Tseen Khoo (17:14). Tseen has finally read and reviewed the Navy SEALs romance that Inger sent her, and points out the trope that  ruins the book for Inger, forever (and how well the hero fills out his Dress Whites).

Tseen's expert review forces Jason to finally Share His Feelings about 'Ordinary Everyday Jones', the Navy SEALs romance Inger sent him at the same time. Needless to say, He has Notes and finds the book terribly confusing... but does actually admit it was a fun read.  Look, this whole bit goes on much longer than expected, but hopefully it's the review that Inger's friend Nick Hill has been waiting for!

The duo move on to their work problems segment (35:48) where they do a Bristol Stool chart analysis of 'The 80/20 principle: how to work less and achieve more' by Richard Koch. Inger prepared an On The Reg discussion guide, complete with the Bristol Stool chart so the pair could do an accurate bullshit rating. Inger reckons that Richard needs to knock off the single malt whiskey a bit, while Jason talks her into seeing the valuable bits amongst all that rampant capitalism.

Finally the pair get to two minute tips (1:26:17). Jason talks about bomb disposal and reports back on the timers he bought the other week. Inger talks about how a colleague nearly killed her laptop by knocking over a bottle of water and takes the opportunity to wax lyrical about backup plans.

Things we mentioned:

Get Lucky by Suzanne Brockmann

Everyday Average Jones - Suzanne Brockmann (on GoodReads)

The 80/20 principle by Richard Koch.

The On The Reg discussion guide for the 80/20 principle (complete with Bristol Stool chart - beware!)

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