On the reg

Twitter is a hot mess - do we have to start Tootin' on the Masty now?

November 13, 2022 Thesiswhisperer Season 3 Episode 46
On the reg
Twitter is a hot mess - do we have to start Tootin' on the Masty now?
Show Notes

Buckle up folks, this is a long one! It's been a big couple of weeks since Jason and Inger caught up. 

Inger went to Tassie and experienced crossing bass strait in gale force winds on the way back while Jason got rained on while camping and discovered 'Truckie Twitter' on the UHF band radio during an unexpected 2.5 hour journey home from work.... Oh, and Thesiswhisperer Jnr is now being paid to play with puppies at a pet store, which Inger and Jason agree is a great career choice and maybe one they should consider.

There's a very full mailbag (17:23), with lots of nice feedback on our Obsidian episode and a speak pipe by friend of the Pod, Shainal - who is going to be car pooling with Jase now he's working at Latrobe too.

Our work problem segment (26.37) is the big story of the week: The Big Twitter Meltdown. Inger and Jason dig in for more than an hour on the topic of tweeting/tooting while academic and it goes to a surprisingly reflective place. There's a discussion guide that will be helpful we think and talk of algorithmically shaped behaviours, soft power, vitality and server architectures constructing realists - even Erving Goffman gets a mention.

Even if you don't Tweet or Toot, there's stuff to think about in here because online life is still real life and this Twitter ruckus has real world consequences, but if you are looking to make the jump of Twitter, Inger has lots of Thoughts and a few suggestions for getting started.

Inger has been doing nothing but attending to the Great Twitter Migration, so Jason is left to do the honours with the reading section (1:52:06)  and the 2 minute tip section, which features a bit of 'is this book bullshit' talk and the problem of too much WIP.

Look, this is a long one, so get down to some cleaning and gardening or a long walk!

Things we mentioned:
The discussion guide for this episode (which has links to all the services and articles mentioned).
Book: coach to coach
Atul Gawande

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