On the reg

Starting new things - what are the pain points?

December 04, 2022 Season 3 Episode 47
On the reg
Starting new things - what are the pain points?
Show Notes

Inger's had Covid Bingo, where she scored almost every symptom in the book. Meanwhile Jason has been been out there, having a life, which involves a story about the physics of gumboots. It makes sense in context, we promise.

Inger snippety doodah-ded our catch up a bit, but it's still kind of long, so if you want to skip it, go straight to (24:02) when we open Mailbag. We have our first message from Mastodon and Jason got recognised in the street. Thanks to @bron@aus.social, who wrote a nice pocket review of our Text Expander book.

There's a discussion guide for for this week's topic: transitions (which starts at 30:15:09). We talk about the pain points of starting or starting again (which ended up being a topic suggested by PETA the pirate, who left a review - thanks Peta!). We go to many places in this discussion, from Monkey cortex sizes to Obsidian MOCs, university branded sweat shirts and horrible colleagues. Inger also reveals why you never use an apostrophe 's' when you write about The Australian National University (yes, it's really in the style guide).

In our reading session (1:28:26) we talk about some books we've read and a little bit about generative AI, but decided to hold over a fuller discussion to next time. In our two minute tips section (1:37:34), Jason reminds us about the value of starting projects with 'Who, What, Where, Why and How' and Inger needs Jason's help with making check lists to deal with Covid brain fog...

Things we mentioned on the show:
Academic Assholes and the circle of niceness
What not to wear: the academic edition
The Curated closet
Why so slow: the advancement of women
Secrets to winning at office politics
Object Secure by Nick Lavery
Bulldozed by Nikki Sava
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