On the reg

AI: a pearl clutching panic fest, or are the robots really coming for our jobs?

December 19, 2022 Season 3 Episode 48
On the reg
AI: a pearl clutching panic fest, or are the robots really coming for our jobs?
Show Notes

You might have noticed this episode is rather... long. But it's  your last episode before February, 2023. so we  figure you can digest this omnibus episodes in parts!

Look, there's a lot of Spider Talk in our catch up, so you might want to skip it if you're an arachnophobe. There's some very interesting questions from listeners in the Mailbag section [22:54], which gives us the chance to drop the knowledge on difficult publishing problems and how to tell someone they look nice at work.

In our Work Problems segment [46:35] we talk about the new wave of Generative AI tools about to 'disrupt' higher ed (or are they?). You can follow along in the discussion guide we made for this episode.

The reading section (1:44:00) has more podcasts than actual reading and the two minute tip section (1:52:00) returns to the problem of spiders via Obsidian back ups. Happy Holidays everyone!

Stuff we mentioned:
Inger's mosquito death bio-chamber thingy
Huntsman Spider info (CW: spiders!)
Pre-order Inger and Simon's new book Be Visible or Vanish at a cheapish price.
Thesiswhisperer pod cast channel
Secrets to winning at office politics
Chat GPT3 from OpenAI
Discussion Guide for this episode on Google Docs
Chokepoint Capitalism
Hard Fork
Posting Through it
Oddly influenced
Cautionary Tales
Story of the Week
Obsidian Github back ups

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