On the reg

Getting Sh!t done in 2023!

January 29, 2023 Season 4 Episode 50
On the reg
Getting Sh!t done in 2023!
Show Notes

Inger and Jason have been on holidays, so there's a lot to catch up on. Jason was off the grid, finding boxes of romance novels in country opp shops while Inger borked all the authenticator apps on her phone and was locked out of ANU email.  There's a brief foray into Power Ballads and the Australian 80s band Noiseworks.

There's a rather large mail bag to get through (13:53), which also prompts a bit of a discussion about AI (again) before the duo get to their work problems segment at 30:52. This time David Allen's classic 'Getting things done' gets a bit of an airing, along with some reflection on tools and techniques that the pair think will carry on into 2023. There''s a slide deck you can follow with the episode if you want more detail. For once, Inger does not have a feminist critique  and wonders if Allen got a sensitivity editor.

Jason has read three books (starting at 1:18:39) - Inger guesses correctly they are all Navy Seal related so he feels both judged and seen. Inger has been reading a romance set in a Strictly Ballroom reality TV show world as well as a couple of useful things on managing events, thinking about ADHD and the Digital Zettlecasten.

In the Two minutes tips (1:35:52) Inger publicly commits Jason to the next On The Reg book project - listen to the end to find out!

Mentioned in this episode
Video of Noiseworks 'Take me back'- for those unfamiliar, Noiseworks was THE premier 80's Australian power ballad band (16 year old. Inger had a crush on the lead singer and 52 year old Inger stands by her judgement)
The second edition of Getting Things Done (2016)
Can't Hurt Me by David Groggin
No Easy Day by Mark Owen
Desert Fire by Phil Campion (not as recommended reading, just to validate Inger's comments on the forearms)
Getting Things Done as an Audio book (what Inger listened to at the gym)
Getting things done workbook (Inger uses this in teaching)  
Event managers bible D.G. Conway
ADHD 2.0 by Hallowell and Ratey
Digital Zettelcasten: principles, methods and examples by

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