On the reg

Strategic Thinking for Fun and Profit

March 04, 2023 Season 4 Episode 51
On the reg
Strategic Thinking for Fun and Profit
Show Notes

Inger was late to the microphone  but Jason is in the lead this time, so the show actually happened!

Jason didn't win at the first annual 'Meat Off' competition, but it was a tough field. At work it's all Chat GPT all the time, or, as Inger's sister Anitra calls it 'ChattieG'.
Inger's been on the road again, this time at Monash Uni where she ran a session on Bullet Journalling. She also wrote 5000 words of her new book without even noticing, using Obsidian.

The mailbag (19:15) also has a bit of an Obsidian theme, with some thanks and a question, which gets Jason going on the ChattieG again and inger complaining about the over 700 pages she has managed to put on the ANU website without even noticing.

In the Work Problems section (32:10), Jason takes Inger at length through a strategic thinking exercise, using her research team's 'PostAc' product (more information on PostAc here). You can access Jason's discussion guide slides here.

Inger finds this way of thinking fascinating and the team wonders all over the place touching on how universities will cope with Zoomers and dead birds being turned into Zombie robot drones. Yes. It's a lot.

The What Have You Been Reading section (1:29) is fairly short this time before we head into 2 Minute Tips (1:44) where Jason drops the knowledge on pen holders and Inger has suggestions for a Digital Colonic - yes you heard that right.

We mentioned:
Quit by Annie Duke
Discussion guide

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