On the reg

The weapons of influence

March 19, 2023 Thesiswhisperer Season 4 Episode 52
On the reg
The weapons of influence
Show Notes

Inger's happy her Apple Watch has declared her 'fit' while Jason surprised his team with actually putting on an interesting strategy day. Inger finally bought a ticket to the UK for her sabbatical in Cambridge, so Jason is on notice that the pod will be his while she is away. He's got Plans.

The Mailbag [21:14] has a speak pipe and a letter about Inger and Jason's current objects of obsession: ChattieG and ADHD. For once they don't talk about Obsidian the whole time... in the Work Problems segment [33:54] the duo move on to talking about Influence, specifically Robert Caildini's 1984 book 'Influence: the psychology of persuasion', which Inger read in an attempt to better understand the addictive stickiness of social media.

There's a discussion guide which you can use to follow along with the conversation, which is (as usual) pretty wide ranging. After you have learned the Weapons of Influence you will not be able to unsee them in everyday life.

The conversation is so long, in fact, that Jason makes the executive decision to cut the reading part and only just lets Inger do a 2 minute tip [1:32:48] because it's a good one. But you'll have to listen all the way to the end!

What we talked about:
Influence: the psychology of persuasion
discussion guide 
That paper Inger sent Luke about programmers writing worse code with AI assistants
Adam Kendon, gesture research guru

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