On the reg

How to get to inbox zero and other stories

April 15, 2023 Season 4 Episode 53
On the reg
How to get to inbox zero and other stories
Show Notes

Jason has been doing BJJ, the gym, eat sleep and repeat - with an occasional visit to country Victoria. Inger has been doing ALL the event organising and somehow managing to make a podcast with her sister about the Apple TV show Severance at the same time. You'll have to subscribe to the Thesiswhisperer podcast channel to get the episodes when they drop.

In other words, it's been busy.

Which means we didn't have time to prepare for this episode, other than to book an actual studio to record in, as we happened to be in the same space time continuum for once. Hear what we sound like when someone else does the levels - it's pretty amazing.

After our catch up there's a very full mail bag [12:54] before we get to our work problems segment [37:15]. This time we are doing a Frequently Asked Questions episode where we report back on two of our most asked about work problems: getting to inbox zero and how to write 'on top of everything else'. We talk about our systems and processes.  There's a discussion guide for you to follow along.

Finally, the two minute tips [1:39:35} segment is all about Microsoft Teams - but interesting, we promise!

Links to things we mentioned:
Discussion guide for this episode
PotPlant Productions (where we recorded this ep)
If you want to listen to Academics talk about Severance, you'll need to subscribe to the Thesiswhisperer podcast channel
Inger's Nature article about time tracking (yes, you read that right)
The Syrian Underground library story
When McKinsley comes to Town

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