On the reg

Don't you forget about us!

May 29, 2023 Thesiswhisperer
On the reg
Don't you forget about us!
Show Notes

On The Reg is officially on hiatus until Inger returns from her sabbatical in August.

Listen to our quick explainer so you know what is happening until then. We're asking you send in all your questions and thoughts so we can put together a reader mailbag episode when we come back.

The claim here that Severance Pod has dropped are false, but honestly, it will be here really soon. Follow on Thesiswhisperer pod 

The claims about blog posts about writing with ChattieG etc are entirely true and can be fact checked on the Thesiswhisperer blog. Have a look at the latest one here, which is all about using ConnectedPapers.

If you're in the UK, you can meet Inger at a couple of public talks in Cambridge:

A lecture at Wolfson College, Cambridge on Tuesday 6 June at 5:30pm, which touches on themes from hernew book with Simon Clews ‘Be visible or Vanish’. There’s an in-person option if you can get to Cambridge, and an online version if you can’t: you can book here.

She's also giving a lecture about the PhD in uncertain times where she will talk about the latest data on the UK market for research skills, at Kings College, Cambridge on Monday 10 July, 5:30 – 7:30pm: you can book here

We'll be back.... Until August friends! 

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