On the reg

The one about Stephen Hawking's dining habits

August 09, 2023 Season 4 Episode 54
On the reg
The one about Stephen Hawking's dining habits
Show Notes


Inger sums up her whole Cambridge University experience in one anecdote about dinner. Jason has gone up a notch in Brazilian Ju Jitsu, which puts him in a position to comment on Mark Zuckerberg's training routine. In other words, it's a normal catch up, but twice as long!

This episode is all a mailbag, starting with a speak pipe from Jonathan O'Donnell challenging the team to regular lunches and a content warning at 30 minutes about weight talk. If you don't want to hear a discussion about losing weight, skip ahead to 40 :46.

We follow with a letter from  Alessa Teunisse about Bullet Journalling with all kinds of #bujo spreads to share. At 58:40 we get to a speak pipe from Ben Archer, who is asking about old technology and what to with it At 1 hour 17 minutes with a letter from Marcel Cardinali with all kinds of cool automations in Obsidian.

In the reading segment at 1 hour 27 minutes, the team tease their new book project. Finally, two minute tips happens at 1 hour 32, In the sign off, we explain that @thesiswhisperer on Twitter will shortly be shut down. If you're one of the 52,000 odd followers to that account, have a look below for other options.

Oh - and the first two episodes of the Academics talk about Severance pod have finally dropped! Listen and subscribe here.

Things we mentioned:
Google document with the images from Alessa and Marcel
Focussed pod and yearly wall calendar
Sadie James art from Ningaloo reef
E-waste donation in Canberra
Automater app Jason used to create his Fantasia File Problem
David Kadavy: Mind Management not Time Management
Inger's video about Obsidian plug ins for Zotero
Joplin app for transferring Evernote data
The enshittification of academic social media and Inger on ABC radio talking about it 

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