On the reg

Is productivity talk the new veganism?

September 06, 2023 Season 4 Episode 53
On the reg
Is productivity talk the new veganism?
Show Notes

The Downs household has suffered a loss, while one member of the Mewburn household has discovered hither to unknown talents. Somehow the team still end up crapping about Obsidian a lot in the banter section.

This is our second sabbatical mailbag episode (starting 20:44), which prompts a series of incredibly nerdy conversations about Microsoft Teams, Omnifocus, Text Expander, Obsidian, Bullet Journal etc - Even Nvivo and MaxQDA. In other words: the greatest hits.

(A comment from listener Aaron has us wondering why most people's eyes glaze over when we start talking about this stuff, prompting Inger to wonder out loud if being interested in productivity is a bit like being a vegan. You decide!)

Jason is reading Hunter S Thompson (starts 1:12:17) to avoid Inger giving him yet another romance novel. Oh, and Inger read the new Tiago Forte book so you don't have to - you're welcome. Lastly: Two Minute Tips (1:33:13)  lasts heaps longer than two minutes, fair warning.

Stuff we mentioned:

The Cat protection society
David Sparks Obsidian Field Guide
Our first Obsidian Episode (mysteriously popular with listeners - warning. Super Nerdy)
Danah Byrd Context Collapse

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