On the reg

The meat grinder

October 15, 2023 Season 4 Episode 54
On the reg
The meat grinder
Show Notes

Inger and Jason are back, a bit later than anticipated because the audio the first time this episode was recorded was borked (that's a technical term). We promise the re-record is much better, and also, much longer.

There's some unscripted banter at the start, which Inger had to cut as it went on a bit long. Jason can tell you about his new bike another time and you really don't need to hear all about Inger's struggle to find supplies of Ozempic. We dig into the mailbag (18:22), but not all the way to the bottom, then we get side tracked with a rave about MacSparkey's new Obsidian Field guide.

In the work problems section (52:49), Jason drops all the knowledge about teaching large classes, drawn from his experience of teaching 1000 students a year in the same subject, over three countries and time zones. Yes you read that right, Inger is amazed - - and also horrified.

Inger read some  books (1:33:38). They include a cook book, which Jason was interested in, and a romance novel, which he was not. The two minute tip section (1:42:48) actually takes around 17 minutes and includes at least four tips, so it's a bonus episode! Enjoy.

Things we mentioned:
Mac Sparky Obsidian field guide
Download Obsidian for Mac or PC (it's free!)
Clean text (Mac app)
Things app
Marked 2
Teaching for quality learning at university by Jamie Biggs
Style, 10 lessons in clarity and grace
PARA - Tiago Forte
Extra focus: a quick start guide to adult ADHD
My kitchen year: 137 recipes that saved my life
The stand in by Lily Chu
Info click (mail.app search tool)

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