On the reg

All quiet on the email front and how Jason became the mayor of Baker's Delight

October 25, 2020 Season 1 Episode 8
On the reg
All quiet on the email front and how Jason became the mayor of Baker's Delight
Show Notes

Jason is emerging from Lockdown, getting a long over due hair cut and having cross-town adventures in his Jeep. Inger is despairing over Thesis Whisperer Jnr's decision to 'rest' from Uni again and tells us how she misread an important dress code by turning up to a Greens party celebration in Liberal party blue.

Both of us agree that not much work is being done in universities while people are struggling with restructures and lay offs, but we are strangely ok with that. At least our inboxes are mostly empty.

Speaking of email, in our re-jigged work problems section, email is the theme of the day. Jason does a deep dive on research on email and outlines how to save 9 weeks of work by adopting a few simple strategies.

In our reading section, Inger is struggling to get through Cal Newport's 'Digital Minimalism' (mainly because she doesn't want to do the digital detox he suggests), while Jason is deriving lessons in resilience from Colonel Hackworth.

Finally, Inger shares some more 2 minute calendar tips while Jason reminds us of the old time 'four square' app and how it can be used as your own Covid tracing app. Jason saves you more time and money by pointing us at the 'Alternative To' website.

We went long on this one again - what can we say, we love to chat! Around 30 minutes has been cut out of this episode, but hopefully you won't even notice where Inger did her snippety-do-dah thing :-)

Mentioned in this episode

How to spend way less time on email - Harvard Business Review
Email - not dead, evolving - Harvard Business Review
InfoClick - email organisational software for the Mac
Totally Under Control - a documentary about the Covid Pandemic in the USA. Here's a review on the Atlantic.
Digital Minimalism: choosing a focused life in a noisy world - Cal Newport
Deep Questions Podcast by Cal Newport
About Face: The Odyssey of an American Warrior by David Hackworth
Anylist - the shopping app Inger uses with her family
https://alternativeto.net - crowdsourced software suggestions.