On the reg

A Bullet Journal love fest (#bujo)

April 04, 2021 Thesiswhisperer Season 2 Episode 16
On the reg
A Bullet Journal love fest (#bujo)
Show Notes

Jason's been sailing around in his tinny (with and without thongs) and Dj'ing on a ship that only serves vegan pizzas. Inger ordered a mid life crisis car and is looking forward to driving her new Tesla on sunlight and unicorn farts.

In this episode we do a synchronised deep dive on the Bullet Journal (#bujo) method by Ryder Carroll. We talk about each of the key concepts and how we have enacted them in our own productivity systems. At the end we wonder: what now for Omnifocus and the Getting things Done (GTD)  method? And why are we buying so many art supplies?!

We went long on this one, so there is not a two minute tips section in this one, but there is a teaser trailer for Inger's new 'Whisperfest' podcast, which you can find here.

Some #bujo links:
The official Bullet Journal website
Pictures and descriptions of the basic concepts we talk about
Bullet journal Youtube channel
Angry Uterus stickers

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