On the reg

The seven habits, revisited (well, Chapter One at least)

April 25, 2021 Thesiswhisperer
On the reg
The seven habits, revisited (well, Chapter One at least)
Show Notes

Inger was too scared to drive her new Tesla and Jason was scared he'd lost his drone at sea. Luckily Jason did not have to tell Cath the boy toy went missing and at least Thesis Whisperer Jnr thinks Inger's new book Level Up Your Essays is 'not that boring'.

We take up the challenge, put to us by a sadly anonymous listener on SpeakPipe, to talk about why the famous book 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' by Stephen Covey is a problematic fave. Inger couldn't remember why she thought it was problematic, and Jason always reckoned it was great, so we decided to read it again.

We've got as far as chapter one and Inger had a lot of notes.

Inger enlightens Jason about the origin of the book as a literature review for Covey's PhD thesis and some of the surprising influences on Covey's thinking. Inger does a feminist critique of Covey's ideas, but comes away deciding they are not entirely rubbish. Jason promises to read chapter two for next time, so this could take awhile.

Jason doesn't have a 2 minute tip, but thought Inger's tip was super awesome - but you'll have to listen to most of the episode to find out!

Late note: @robjforsyth on Twitter inspired this conversation by leaving us a message on SpeakPipe - thanks Rob!

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