On the reg

An emergency Melbourne pandemic lockdown broadcast!

June 03, 2021 Thesiswhisperer Season 2 Episode 21
On the reg
An emergency Melbourne pandemic lockdown broadcast!
Show Notes

Where Inger and Jason release an emergency broadcast in support of everyone who is working through conditions which have heightened levels of difficulty.

Jason has just heard that the snap lockdown announced in Melbourne a week ago has just been extended for another 7 days (and maybe more).

This got Jason and Inger thinking - how do you cope with this? What are some of the ways that a person can take back control over something that is definitely outside of their usual control?

Note: We did invite guests in - but lost the audio so had to cut around the gaps. There's a bit of an awkward cut at the 12 minute mark or so - but we decided to just roll with it because, you know - pandemic.

You do miss out on @Anitranot giving you an excellent lock down cookie recipe and @AJBuntine sharing an excellent 'virtual commute' coping strategy. We're hoping Inger can diagnose what went wrong because having guests was so much fun! Thanks Andrew and Anitra for jumping on the line at short notice - you lifted our spirits :-)

Links mentioned:

The Semel institute for Neuroscience and Human Behaviour which appears to be part of the University of California (UCLA) - coping research: https://www.semel.ucla.edu/dual-diagnosis-program/News_and_Resources/How_Do_You_Cope
Twitter or Instagram check out #meditations54321
June is for Joy meditation from @WellbeingWhisperer
Wellbeing Whisperer resources on control when things are not in your control