On the reg

Networking is more than nibbling wine and cheese (in a doomsday bunker)

August 29, 2021 Thesiswhisperer
On the reg
Networking is more than nibbling wine and cheese (in a doomsday bunker)
Show Notes

Inger has a guest host while @Jasondowns is gallivanting his way around Australia on #epictrip2021. Tseen Khoo (@tseenster) from the Research Whisperer Blog joins Inger to talk about a topic that gets them both fired up: networking.

They share their networking tips and techniques, especially the stuff that works online during Covid times when the dreaded wine and cheese events are no longer available (hooray!). Inger reckons they are both pretty judgy about how networking is taught to researchers, but Tseen prefers to think they are 'discerning'. They share their tips for shy people who want to network, as well as musing about the burnt tire aroma of International Roast coffee and the reason their children don't know how to send actual letters.

Inger has been reading a book about doomsday bunkers while Tseen has a couple of excellent newsletters scooped from Substack. We finish with 2 minute tips as usual, and include a bonus bit of Jason who phoned in from an underground cafe in Cooper Pedy. If you want to leave a message like his, you can do it via a webrowser using Speakpipe

Links we mentioned:

Research Whisperer Blog
PostAc app
Jason's Epic Trip on Instagram
Prolifiko newsletter
Oliver Burkeman's newsletter 'The Imperfectionist'
Bunker: building for the end of times

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