On the reg

'Good waste' and yak shaving

August 07, 2021 Thesiswhisperer
On the reg
'Good waste' and yak shaving
Show Notes

This week Inger is joined by Jonathan O'Donnell from the Research Whisperer as Jason is still away on #epictrip2021. Jonathan has given us lots of suggestions for On The Reg, so now is the time to talk to him directly!

We start off talking about why innovation is hard inside universities, which have been fine tuned to avoid waste and increase transperency and accountability. This increases their sensitivity to risk. Sometimes the best way to get things done is through what Jonathan calls 'skunk works', which is exactly how Inger started Bootcamp at ANU.

We travel over a lot of ground before we get to our reading segment. Inger has been reading Julia Banks' new book 'Power Play' and musing over 'Cognitive Flexibility'. Aside from reading about Anglo-Saxon history in the 900s, Jonathan has a fun read on the ridiculous morning routines of the influencer class and a fascinating article on 'ask vs tell' cultures, which can really help us work with others.

There's a two minute tip about email that Inger is definitely going to try and a brief, but enlightening discussion about advanced Google searches - this episode has it all!

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