On the reg

Bottoming our way through pandemic lockdowns (with lavender mist and pills)

October 02, 2021 Thesiswhisperer Season 2
On the reg
Bottoming our way through pandemic lockdowns (with lavender mist and pills)
Show Notes

Inger recorded this guestapooloza version of On The Reg just before Canberra was locked down... as she says in the pod "things might change before you hear this".

Luckily her guest was Narelle Lemon from the Wellbeing Whisperer, who was able to impact many relaxation tips. Inger is crap at relaxing, so Narelle's suggestions were extremely helpful. The pair have a surprisingly intense conversation about sleep: how to fall asleep, stay asleep and annoy your partner with the pillow that must go between your knees when you have 'academic back'.

Amongst other topics discussed are 'data knitting', the importance of the inner rebel, how to take a compliment, acupuncture and the online attention economy. In other words, this was a pretty typical episode of On The Reg, sans JD - but he does call from On The Road in Covid Free WA!


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