On the reg

Jason is back in The Matrix

October 17, 2021 Season 2 Episode 28
On the reg
Jason is back in The Matrix
Show Notes

Jason just got back from 14 weeks driving around Australia on #epictrip2021! So it seemed like a good idea to throw him right into podcasting via a live key note for Australian Educational Podcast Conference 2021.

The event was called "Planning for podcasting: dissecting the process", so we did a normal On The Reg... but with a time limit, in front of a live audience, while people watched the show notes scroll by...

 This wasn't at ALL anxiety provoking.

We talk about the problem of Context collapse, why young people think about computers like they are laundry baskets and the benefits of meditation (yes, really) for the first 42 minutes.

Then Narelle Lemon from Swinburne university interviewed us about the process of putting together an episode. We left this bit in! If you're interested in podcasting, we have a lot of tips and tricks for getting a show together, on the reg as they say!

Links mentioned in the episode:

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