On the reg

Long service leave: artefact of colonisation or just bloody awesome?

November 13, 2021 Season 2 Episode 29
On the reg
Long service leave: artefact of colonisation or just bloody awesome?
Show Notes

Jason and Inger finally have time to really catch up properly... with a well over 2 hour conversation... Inger edited it down to 1 hour 53, so hey - listen in segments? Crank it up for a long session of housework or gardening? Go for a really long run? We believe in you!

It's long because frankly, there was a lot of backed up conversation to be had after Jason had 14 weeks off. We discuss the origins and future of the idea of long service leave and the value of taking a break from work to reflect on the meaning of life and renegotiate your relationships, personal and professional.

This is followed by a long discussion of Simon Sinek's 'The Infinite Game', which it turns out Inger has been playing with the Thesis Whisperer for over a decade now. This is followed by a philosophical digression into the idea of a hyper object and whether academia is (maybe) a form of techno-bureaucratic climate change?

In two minute tips, Jason brings us up to date with the cool new iPhone features for limiting your access to work after hours (and people's access to you after hours). Look - it's long, but we enjoyed it. Hope you do too!


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Simon Sinek The Infinite Game
Timothy Morton: Introducing the idea of hyperobjects
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