On the reg

Should I open this email and other stories, including one about the tinny

December 05, 2021 Season 2 Episode 29
On the reg
Should I open this email and other stories, including one about the tinny
Show Notes

Inger had a unexpected visit to the hospital and Jason had trouble getting the tinny out to sea and back again, so it was quite a week for the On The Reg Team. Full of the dramas.

Inger digs out a paper her 'interesting shit' folder on Zotero, which is basically stuff she found while Jason was on #epictrip and saved for later. The findings of the paper send the pair into a deep nerd spiral on all things email but you know, in a fun way.

Inger muses on the 1970s books on lectures she stole from the compactus in building 10T1, while Jason tells Inger about the one thing he found worth watching on Disney+

We finish with some 2 minute tips which deal with anxiety and procrastination, in other words - the good stuff. Inger didn't edit much of this one out, so dial up a long walk or some gardening and let us give you some good nerd company!

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