On the reg

The one about Overwhelm

December 21, 2021
On the reg
The one about Overwhelm
Show Notes

It's been a busy couple of weeks leading up to the end of the year for both Inger and Jason. There's a lot of cars on their respective work highways. While Inger was 'snappish', Jason suddenly found himself Overwhelmed by everything.

Jason describes his  terrible, no good Tuesday and tells Inger how he ate hot chips, went to afternoon Brazillian JuJitsu and bullet journaled his way out of it.  Inger knows the ways of Burnout after she got carried out of a lecture theatre to hospital in 2018, after a terrible no good 2017.

Inger explains to Jason  why his strategies worked according to Science, using the wonderful feminist self help book 'Burnout' by the Nagoski sisters. Apparently it's all about running away from the lion, which is why Jason deciding to have his face mashed into the mat by a BJJ sparring partner was exactly The Right Thing To Do.

In other news, Jason has been trying to read 'Risk: a user's guide', but is annoyed about the writing style. Inger had the opposite reaction to 'The Game' by Sean Kelly (she even sent him an admiring note about his use of Gerunds. In the 2 minute tips section Jason shares a new #bujo innovation and Inger shares the 'one decision that saves 100 decisions' about peer reviewing.


Burnout: the secret to unlocking the stress cycle
Risk: a user's guide
The Game: a portrait of Scott Morrison 
The Year America's Hair Fell Out
And in case you were wondering, of course Inger bought the new Version Two Bullet Journal 
A billion-dollar donation: estimating the cost of researchers’ time spent on peer review
My personal reviewing policy: No more billion-dollar donations

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