On the reg

Tips for the lockdown you have when you're not really having a lockdown.

January 15, 2022 Season 2 Episode 31
On the reg
Tips for the lockdown you have when you're not really having a lockdown.
Show Notes

Jason and Inger are on summer holidays! This episode is one Inger recorded last year with Mark Carrigan and Tyler shores. There's lot of nerdy stuff about productivity in here, including name checking a whole lot of note taking apps.

We kept this one in the can for the summer break and it has fresh resonance now that Australia seems to be in the 'trickledown responsibility' part of the pandemic where we aren't having a lockdown, but seem to be spending an awful lot of time inside, trying to avoid getting Covid.

You can find Mark Carrigan on his website and check out his latest book The Public and their Platforms.

You can find Tyler Shores via his Website and also the ThinkLab at Cambridge University.

Links to stuff we talked about:

Bear note taking app
Roam note taking tool
The Zimbabwe Bush Pump: mechanics of a fluid technology
The new future of work report Microsoft
New pandemics, old politics
The Over story (novel)
Inger did make that podcast about Academics talk about The Chair (link to first episode - stream has now been repurposed to Your Brain on Writing)

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