On the reg

Obsessive passion and the Omicron variations

February 06, 2022 Thesiswhisperer Season 3 Episode 10
On the reg
Obsessive passion and the Omicron variations
Show Notes

Content warning! In this episode we talk briefly about anxiety and addiction. If either of those two topics are not your thing today, click away friend!

Jason and Inger are back from holidays - if you can call it that. December and January were marred by the Omicron Surge which, like all bad sci-fi novels, has produced a lot of boredom. Inger made progress on her book and the rest of her 'holiday to do list' while Jason actually got to doing some actual recreating.

Speaking of leisure, Inger delves into the literature on obsessive hobbies, which has some useful insights for academics who do writing on the holidays. Jason meanwhile enrolled in a master class in Texas BBQ. Can you tell which one ended up more relaxed?!

There's a lot of other stuff in here, including sexist robotics, how to write 10,000 words a day and the reason why Inger bought a whole lot of fidget toys. We finish off with a couple of handy apps. Hope you enjoy!

Stuff we mentioned in this episode
Timing App Link
Episode with Jonathan O'Donnell about Good Waste Link
Episode with Ben Kraal about articulation work Link
Oliver Burkeman 4000 weeks book Link
Kanban boards Link
Obsessive passion paper Link
Navy SEALS book on nutrition  Link
Racheal Aaron 2000 - 10000 words a day book Link
Ezra Klein interview with Annie Murphy Paul on the Extended Mind Link
Andy Clark and Brian Chalmers  extended mind essay that Inger read for her thesis Link
Kaiko Fidget toys Link
Yolande Strengers and Jenny Kennedy The Smart Wife book Link
Waiting List app Link
TL;DR Papers Link 

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